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New PCard Applicants

Following are the instructions for getting new PCard applicants setup in the WV State Auditor’s PCard Training website database:

New applicants or the DCC must email PCard Administration with their full name (as it appears in payroll), email address and EPICS number.

PCard Administration will verify the information in MAP and EPICS and create a user account for the applicant in the WV State Auditor’s PCard Training site. The system will then send an email to WV State PCard Operations stating that the applicant needs access to the training portal. Once access is granted, the system will send an email back to PCard Administration confirming the portal access and giving us the applicant’s temporary password (all lower case). PCard Administration will then forward this email to the applicant with instructions on how to access the State Auditor’s PCard Training site.

To access the web-based training, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website:
  2. Click on “myApps” on the menu on the left side of the screen which will take you to the WVSAO Portal Users screen
  3. Enter User Name (your WVU e-mail address)
  4. Enter your temporary password. Click on “Sign In.”
  5. You will be taken to the “myApps” page which shows two blocks – myAccount and P-Card Training
  6. Click on Edit myAccount in the myAccount block
  7. On this screen you will need to change your password and select a security question
  8. You are now ready to begin your PCard training
  9. Click on “Training Materials” in the menu on the left side of screen
  10. You will then see “Cardholder Training,” “Ethics Training,” “Policy Manual,” and “Quiz Information”
  11. Once each video presentation is complete, close the presentation window and select the next unit from the list. If you have completed all of the unites (including the Ethics lectures), please begin the quiz.
  12. Quizzes for Cardholder Training and Ethics Training must be completed
  13. Please print and forward copies of Completion Certificates to your Business Office


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