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User’s Group Meeting, November 19, 2008

The Purchasing, Contracts & Payment Services User’s Group meetings were held on November 19th at Health Sciences and the NRCCE. Phil Charneskie welcomed those in attendance. He introduced Purchasing, Contracts & Payment Service’s current intern Shannon Wicks. He spoke briefly about WVU’s Hospitality rules. Hospitality funds are to be used when hosting out of town guests, such as candidates for positions, speakers or other guests, or State government visitors. These funds are not to be used for WVU employee lunches, not even if you are hosting another department.

Dave Kortze and Brian McCormick from UPS presented information concerning the WVU/UPS contract. The ICVS system was created for WVU to enable users to make informed, cost conscience shipping decisions. Dave walked those in attendance through the system, demonstrating how to fill out the required information, choose your service, and answering any questions regarding ICVS. Rachel VanScoy, the contract administrator for the WVU/UPS contract also presented useful tips for setting up and maintaining your ups account. More information concerning this contract can be found at the UPS Shipping Contract Information page, or contact Rachel at (304) 293-8451 or

The following PowerPoint presentation was provided by UPS: WVU/UPS

Enterprise Rent-a-Car also presented information regarding the WVU/Enterprise contract. Matt discussed several tips to make sure rental experience is positive. Some of these tips include: booking the reservation as far in advance as possible, with as much information as possible, allowing enough time for you renter to get the car, and booking all One-Way rental requests by calling (304) 292-2333. He also discussed the progress the Morgantown branches have made in terms of customer service. For the complete set of tips, please see Issue 3 of the Newsflash. More information concerning this contract can be found at:

Leah Harold, WVU’s account representative from Office Depot introduced Office Depot’s new student intern, Sara Fetty.

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