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User’s Group Meeting, January 29, 2008

The Purchasing, Contracts, and Payment Services User’s Group Meetings were held on January 23 at Health Sciences and the NRCCE. Phil Charneskie welcomed those in attendance. He spoke briefly about the Ethics Commission’s new employee recognition policy, which allows $25 per person per year using state funds. He stressed the importance of creating a structured documentation system in case an audit, FOIA request, or grievance occurs. For more information about this policy, please see the Director’s Corner article on page 4.

Phil also discussed the rules for service contracts for lawyers. If your department has any work done by a lawyer or legal firm, including consultations on taxes, patents, or immigration, you must receive approval through WVU’s legal office and that office will send the contract to the state.

Following policy discussion, Phil also announced the user group survey that can be found on the User group web-site. PCPS would like to determine areas that need improved for these meetings and what users would like to learn more about. The survey will be open until February 27, and participation is strongly encouraged.

Betty Fox, associate director of purchasing, announced Kathy Pepple to discuss creating requisitions in MAP. Kathy, lead trainer of the MAP system at WVU, walked the group through a presentation on how to use split funding for requisitions. Pepple explained that users can apply split funding regardless of how many items are in the requisition, but to remember that the quantity under the Distribution tab is a number, not a percentage. If you are told to charge a percentage when splitting the funds, make sure to convert the percentage to a real number. For example, if the quantity is 24 and 75% of the order goes to a specific account; you will convert that into 18 for the quantity field (75% of 24). For interactive training on MAP you can visit

Donna Sisler presented on vendor registration and inquiries. Her presentation included information on W9’s and vendor searches in MAP. Vendor Registration and Queries

Snowshoe Mountain Resort’s Steve Drumheller also presented to the group. Steve showed a brief video on the opportunities and advantages of holding conferences or meetings at the Resort during the summer months. Snowshoe can accommodate up to 10,000 guests and has spaces for conferences, theater seating, banquets, and smaller meetings. WVU has been offered a summer rate of $99 a night. For more information, please contact the corporate sales office at 877.536.9737.

Franklin Interiors, a contracted vendor, presented last. Julie Frum discussed how their company can assist your department with classroom flexibility, updating your technology infra-structure, and maximizing real estate. WVU can use both the state and E&I contracts with Franklin Interiors. For the best prices, please use the E&I contract.

The Department of Purchasing, Contracts, and Payment Services will be hosting an Open House on Friday, February 27th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at One Waterfront Place, 3rd Floor. We welcome all WVU employees to participate in discussions regarding Pcard, Purchasing, Travel, and any other topics of interest regarding our department. Validated parking and light refreshments will be provided. Please come and mingle with our staff and bring any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!

**No reservations are required.
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